Gearing up for ComicCon, The Twilight Saga: New Moon website has gotten a little update. Intermingled with the trailer and images we've already seen is a little do-hickey to the left that lets you enter the Cullen house and play around with a 360-degree image, and another to the right for the Quileute lands.

Entry to the house is during the most inopportune time. Emmett and Alice are holding Jasper as he tries to lunge forward for Bella's ever-tasty paper-cut blood. Carlisle is tending to Bella, and Edward, Rosalie, and Esme are dorks on parade, just Photoshopped in watching the action. Yes, it's funny to see snarling faces badly photoshopped in with other promotional images that really don't make sense, but it's even worse if you spot the little black icons in the picture and click to learn about the Cullens' "special abilities."

Wannabe Bella's great at being accident prone, attracting bad luck, and blocking access to her mind (one out of three ain't bad!), Carlisle's got the compassion and ability to resist blood (although nothing about his handy medical training), Edward gets fawned on over his mind reading, super-speed, and strength, Rosalie has nothing more than beauty (nothing about her talents under the hood), Esme, of course, loves passionately, Emmett is strong, but doesn't get the "extraordinary" qualifier that Edward gets, Jasper's special ability is to overreact to papercuts err, manipulate emotions, and Alice can see the future.

Their strengths are just as good as the site's Photoshopping skills! But at least they get special abilities. Beyond Jacob's super strength and speed, and Sam's alpha status, the whole werewolf pack is full of unknown ability deadbeats!

Maybe the Con New Moon treats will be better.
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