Yesterday Bloody-Disgusting provided the net with a look at the first official poster for Lionsgate's sixth trip to the money factory/torture well started by James Wan and Leigh Whannell back in 2004. The poster is a cryptic image of six people fixed to a child's merry-go-round with the slug, "The game comes full circle." No doubt such an enigma has been torturing the imagination of Jigsaw's rabid fanbase since its release. After all playground equipment is generally quite safe, no? How could it possibly be a sinister trap?

Now less than 24 hours later we've got an official clip from Saw VI that helps clear up the merry-go-round bit of the poster. Having watched said clip I'm shocked to report that, surprise, all is not well in the playground. Turns out a spinny-ma-jig in Saw VI land is not a source of glee. It looks like it sucks. A lot. I got a headache just watching the thing whirl around, can't imagine what the poor schmoes on it are feeling. But, hey, I'm sure they did something really horrible to deserve it. Some sin so devilish as to warrant hellish torture like, er, denying someone a loan.

The clip is actually quite long and contains enough premise establishment that I'm left wondering what Lionsgate has in stow for the trailer, which I will be premiering later today. Then again, the mystery of exactly how or why 'the game' is now coming full circle is still up in the air. What geometric shape was the franchise before? An ellipse? Perhaps a rhombus? Guess we'll all have to wait until October 23rd to find out.
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