Comic-Con's "Preview Night" is a bit of a joke. The idea is that only registered professionals (and how they consider me professional is beyond me) are supposed to get access to an exclusive sneak peek of the show floor the evening before the show officially starts. In theory you'd be able to easily walk through the massive San Diego Convention Center and check things out in a leisurely fashion.

However, in practice it's an entirely different story. Crowds of people crammed everywhere, moving at near-cattle speeds. It's almost enough to drive you nuts ... until you remember it'll be much worse when the show is actually in full swing. So I headed inside in search of interesting photos, and my favorite has to be this shot of a $130 V.I.N.C.E.N.T. vinyl robot toy from Disney's The Black Hole. I am really craving that sucker.

Anyhow, check out all of our opening night photos in the gallery below, and head beyond the break to watch on video what it's like entering preview night. We'll be bringing you a lot more from the show floor throughout the show, so stay tuned.