I have shared air with the cast of The Twilight Saga: New Moon and I am still conscious and neither a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob! I will have a full transcript up later, but i thought I'd share some highlights:

  • Kristen Stewart was in full in Joan Jett mode, Taylor Lautner was all smiles and Robert Pattinson was his usual rumpled and handsome self. They thanked the fans again and again, and still seem overwhelmed by the monster they are a part of.

On the highs and lows:

This is a high ... It's a little overwhelming." -- Kristen stewart

"I can't really claim anything as a low." -- Robert Pattinson

On favorite scenes:

Taylor is a big action man but mentioned his favorite small scene is one where he walks Bella to her door ... "and I'm going off to fight and she's worried. I thought it was cute." Both he and Stewart also enjoyed what they call "the break up scene" where Jacob tells Bella his feelings have grown too strong. Both mentioned how gut wrenching it was to film: "if you ever said any of those things to me, it'd kill me," Stewart observed.

Favorite book:

Taylor Lautner's favorite is Eclipse because of the action and the love triangle, but Stewart and Pattinson both favor New Moon: "She's nothing, it's lost. I got to find her again," says Stewart. "He's so humbled...he loves something too much, he can't be around it...I think it's funny how everyone looks at Edward as a hero but he's constantly being saved by the damsel in distress!"

On which Twilight question they never want to hear again:

"What's it like kissing Taylor Lautner?" -- Robert Pattinson
"Growling ... Fans ask me to growl ... I really don't enjoy doing that" -- Taylor Lautner
"You can ask me anything you want.'" -- Kristen Stewart

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
hits theaters on November 20.