We asked, and you delivered. After counting more than 100,000 votes, we can reveal the winners of our super-duper, stunningly creative Ultimate Fan Polls! (Cue drum roll.) May I have the envelopes, please?

Winners of The Ultimate Horror Movie Fan Poll:

  1. What is the best horror movie franchise of all time? Nightmare on Elm Street.
  2. Which horror movie classic deserves a reboot? Poltergeist (narrowly edging The Shining).
  3. Who is the best all-time scream queen? Jamie Lee Curtis (with a decisive 51% of the vote).
  4. Who is your favorite slasher of all time? Freddy Krueger.
  5. Who would you like to see take a turn as a scream queen? Megan Fox (ahem).

Winners of The Ultimate Sci-Fi Fan Poll:

  1. What is the best sci-fi movie franchise of all time? Star Wars (decisively).
  2. What is the best sci-fi film of 2009 so far? Star Trek (with 69% of the vote; no robots for you).
  3. What is your most anticipated upcoming sci-fi film? District 9 (beating out Avatar).
  4. Who is the all-time best sci-fi action heroine? Ripley (Alien).
  5. What is the greatest all-time sci-fi creature/alien? Alien (Alien). (Sorry, Chewbacca.)

Big thanks to everybody who voted. You can view all the nominees and the breakdown of votes at Horror Squad and Sci-Fi Squad. In addition, Reuters has a nice story on the poll results. I'm glad to see Jamie Lee Curtis recognized for her multiple roles, but a bit startled that the Star Wars franchise still holds sway. Any big surprises for you? Outrage? Joy?