It's not often that two of my favorite things come together, but Tom Cruise impersonator extraordinaire/film actor Miles Fisher has managed to do just that by combining the Talking Heads and American Psycho. Over at his personal website he's launched a musical tribute to Psycho in a video for This Must Be the Place (possibly one of the best Talking Heads songs ever written, but I digress) -- and what do you know -- I don't hate it. The song is the first release off his self-titled EP, which you can download for free if you're into that kind of thing.

All your favorite moments from Psycho get a nod, including Bateman's infamous Huey Lewis and The News speech, the business cards and facials, and we even get the creepiest three-ways ever to go on film. The video stars Fisher doing a pretty decent Bale/Bateman alongside Lydia Hearst (a model/socialite who is also heir to William Randolph Hearst) filling in as the 'hooker' in the story (I'm sure Great Grandpa would be thrilled).

Of course, last fall it was announced that Psycho was in line for a Broadway re-imagining that would turn Ellis' yuppie mass murderer into a song-and-dance man. So I have to wonder if Fisher thought he'd get in on the ground floor and get to work on his 'audition tape' a little earlier than the rest? Especially since the last time he did a good celebrity impersonation we even forgave him for taking a role in Superhero Movie.

After the jump: This Must Be the Place, and remember, this is an American Psycho tribute, so things get a little NSFW...