Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that asks you to blatantly make fun of guinea pigs in exchange for some fabulous prizes. Last week asked you to shovel out some cute and cuddly captions for a photo from The Answer Man, and, luckily for us, three of you were up to that challenge. Congrats to you for answering our caption call!

1. "It wasn't until Olivia made it to the office before someone finally told her - there's no such thing as "no pants Tuesday." -- Drew B.

2. "Well, your announcement is a bit of a surprise, but we support you. However, there was no need to literally 'come out of' that closet behind us." -- Nathan T.

3. "And next up on our slideshow...Oh look sweety, it's the night we conceived you!" -- Micah F.

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This week we're throwing on our game face and heading out to battle with a bunch of rough and tough ... guinea pigs? Yup, G-Force has finally blasted its way into theaters, and in honor of the occasion we're giving away some pretty cool prizes. Only one winner this week, and that person will take home one nifty G-Force laptop sleeve and one G-Force mouse pad. Since this shall be a solo mission, we're expecting you to bring your A-game. Losers clean up the guinea pig poop. Sound off below ...

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