One good measure of a documentary is how it enlightens. That is, it teaches you something about space travel, World War 2, spelling bees, etc., Another good measure of a documentary is how it communicates basic human nature. That is to say, no matter how different we are, there are of course many things that we all share. The Entrepreneuris a compelling and low-key documentary that covers both bases remarkably well. The film offers a fascinating look at an industry that, on the surface, sounds pretty darn boring. And then it becomes a human interest story about a die-hard businessman who simply doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit."

The subject is Mr. Malcolm Bricklin, a colorful and sharply intelligent businessman who knows the pleasure of huge successes -- and the miseries of huge failures. Fans of the automotive industry will know Bricklin as the man who brought Subaru to the United States ... and became a huge success while doing so. He also introduced the Yugo to American buyers, and then lost his fortune through a series of failed investments. These days, Mr. Bricklin is intent on introducing a Chinese automobile to American car drivers, and we get to tag along for the ride.
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