'Saw VI,' 'The Strangers'

We're still reeling from the impact of the first footage from Saw VI, and now comes confirmation that Saw VII will definitely be darkening theater screens in October 2010. Since Saw VI promises to provide "the final piece of the puzzle," I suppose Saw VII will be creating a new puzzle? Or will Jigsaw next try Monopoly?

David Hackl will return to the director's chair, according to Variety. You'll remember him as the production designer for Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV; he made his directorial debut with Saw V. Also returning are the industrious writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who will be racking their brains to come up with more fiendish devices, puzzles, and one-liners for Jigsaw to rasp. They're on a roll now, after finishing the second Saw trilogy of IV, V, and VI. I hope they save something for the inevitable SawVIII and Saw IX.

In a separate item, Variety also confirms that The Strangers 2 is on its way, which seemed like kind of a no-brainer after the first one did so well, not only with the public but with many critics (myself excepted). Bryan Bertino, who wrote and directed The Strangers last year, has also penned the script for the sequel, but a new director has been hired. Laurent Briet, described as "a commercial and music video director who also worked on visual effects for The Ring" remake. The story is being kept "under wraps." Will it perhaps feature young masked intruders knocking on someone's apartment door in the big city? Production starts this fall.

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