clark kent smallvilleLast month, we heard a rumor about The CW's Smallville ending its run with a TV movie called Metropolis. The most exciting part of this idea was the possibility of seeing Tom Welling's Clark Kent finally put on the cape and tights and take flight as Superman. Will it happen? The show's producers are reportedly prepping for a big announcement at Sunday's Smallville Comic-Con panel, but the new rumor has some Con attendees already receiving a sneak peek at what's to come. Here's John Scott Lewinski reporting from TV Squad:

A persistent rumor around the Comic-Con International floor says a major television network is abducting random innocent people and forcing them to look at a man's intimate garments.

It seems CW's Smallville series will finally go full-on Superman this year and knock off all of this Clark Kent adolescent, romantic angst nonsense. And Superman needs a super suit to match his new gig. CW reps are reportedly pulling random faces out of the crowd to go behind the scenes and get a glimpse of the mythical outfit.
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