Cinematical got an early start on Thursday at the San Diego Comic-Con, commensurate with the effort put forth by the studios this year: in just one day, Disney, Fox, Summit, Sony, Overture and Focus all promoted big movies they're releasing between next week and 2011. The 'Con itself made history by offering the first panels in its 40-year existence that made serious and substantial use of 3D presentation, showing eight films at four separate panels, all of which looked terrific, even in the cases of the few that employed the technology as a gimmick rather than a storytelling tool.

But rather than boring you with the minutiae of a day spent making one's butt sore in Hall H, the geek-mecca of Comic-con, we figured we'd just give you a list of the best moments of the day, whether they were reinforced by the rest of the attendees, or simply segments or even seconds that rewarded our dedication, if not our relinquished personal time.