I'm shocked to be saying this, but The Collector is my favorite horror film so far this year. Granted, the competition hasn't exactly been stellar, but I don't think anyone at the HorrorSquad/Fantastic Festco-presentation of the newest film from Feast and Saw sequel scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton could have been more surprised to like the movie than I was and still am. I loved watching Dunstan and Melton process their success on Project Greenlight, but when Feast finally came out I was disappointed. I've also been disappointed by the Saw franchise in general, the majority of which were written by the charming duo. And that's not even covering my disappointment with the two Feast sequels, disappointment being a generous word choice.

Before the screening began, HorrorSquad honcho Scott Weinberg, who flew into Austin specifically for the event, was making stops around the theater with Dunstan in tow and it was obvious just how happy the director was to be showing off his grotesque baby. I can't deny that his enthusiasm wasn't infectious, hell, you could have made a boat the size of the Titanic out of that man's smile. So when Fantastic Fest papa Tim League took the stage to present The Collector to a room packed with eager horror hounds, I was stacking hope on top of hope that I'd finally like a Dunstan/Melton film.

I dug it. Dug it hard, even. I've got a full review up over yonder, but in a nutshell I found it to be knockout for the duo, particularly so for the first time director. And that was just my gut reaction when the credits rolled. Not until Weinberg took the stage to volley a Q&A with the creative pair did I realize just how striking of an accomplishment it was.
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