'Colin'In news that may encourage every devoted horror fan to sell some DVDs and raise the money to make their own flick, a British distributor has acquired rights to a zombie movie that cost $74. That's right: seventy-four freakin' dollars. Kaleidoscope Entertainment picked up UK rights to Colin, according to Screen Daily, and plans a limited theatrical release in London, among other cities, just in time to scare up some business for Halloween. So only seven or eight people would need to buy tickets to turn a profit, right?

Not quite, of course, but it's a staggeringly low budget for a movie that people other than your immediate family and close friends would want to see. Price wrote, directed, and produced the film, using a camcorder. Colin screened earlier this year at the Cannes Market and several reviews have appeared online. Dread Central felt there's "a lot to like" about the film, though their reviewer complained about the annoying "shaky cam." Quiet Earth described it as "a smart twist on the zombie genre that delivers a compelling story, a great soundtrack, and some amazingly effective gore effects despite a somewhat loose and unfocused plot."

Colin is told from the perspective of the a titular character, a man who dies in the opening sequence and returns -- as a zombie!!! The film screens at London's Frightfest next month. Check out the official site for more information.

Watch the shockingly good trailer for Colin after the jump!

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