Though we're only on day two of Comic Con, the biggest (and most talked-about) event has already taken place. Yesterday afternoon James Cameron arrived in San Diego and screened roughly 25 minutes of footage from his much buzzed-about sci-fi flick Avatar. Until this point we've seen various behind-the-scenes images and heard rumors of brilliance from those who've managed to see the tiny bit of footage Cameron's already screened for theater owners. But now that the press and fans have had a chance to watch, would the reaction be the same? Is Avatar really going to revolutionize the way we watch movies? Is it truly the event film of the decade? Or is it just another CG 3D flick that looks pretty cool, but doesn't do much in the way of changing the scope and landscape of film as we know it?

Here's a roundup of what's been said around the web:

-- "Cameron proves again that he can combine high-octane thrills with human drama, creating palpable emotional depth both for and between the characters even as he subjects them to physical derring-do that otherwise seems impossible." -- Todd Gilchrist, Cinematical

-- "This is an evolutionary jump, not a revolutionary leap. I didn't experience movies in a whole new way, and nothing I saw on screen left me feeling more than impressed. What the movie represents is someone putting real money into the current CGI and mocap tech and shoving it an extra step forward." -- Devin Faraci,

-- "What I saw were glimpses at a fantastic bit of storytelling, a rich fantasy tale, by a master of the artform, but the CGI creatures and characters are just that. They're amazingly executed, no doubt, but it's not like when you saw your first CG dinosaur and you said, "This is a game changer" to yourself." -- Quint, AICN

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