Sure, film festivals and limited theatrical runs have their imperative place in the world of indie film. But the landscape is changing. Fast. Now, filmmakers are looking more to the digital space to find the widest audience

One such filmmaker is Morgan Spurlock, the man behind the hit fast food expose 'Super Size Me' and perhaps the only "celebrity documentarian" next to Michael Moore.

Spurlock – who already is showing 'Super Size Me' in full for free on SnagFilms, now brings his latest, 'The Entrepreneur' (he's executive producer) online for a full week before the film's TV debut.

'The Entrepreneur' – a doc directed by Jonathan Bricklin about his father Malcolm, who attempted to create, from scratch, a new American car company, kicks off SnagFilm's SummerFest, in which they'll debut a new film that has not yet been distributed every week. Watch the film in full here.
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