If you read Cinematical enough, you're already familiar with a bizarre upcoming comedy called Hot Tub Time Machine, and how it could very well be the most awesomest hot tub time machine-related film ever made in the history of hot tub time machine films. Starring John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Rob Corrdry, Chevy Chase and more, the film tells of a group of foul-mouthed, boozed-up gents who discover they can travel back in time via their ski lodge hot tub. Hilarity ensues.

MGM just sent us the first teaser/clip from the film, which is totally filthy and extremely R-rated, so be warned before heading after the jump. The scene itself shows the guys talking about time machines and Terminator, and I don't think I've ever seen John Cusack use the word 'f*ck' that many times in one scene. In an exclusive chat with Cinematical recently, Hot Tub Time Machine writer (and Cinematical fan) Josh Heald told us the following: "Hot Tub Time Machine is probably the greatest gift anyone's ever given the world. Time will show that it ranks up there with the Statue of Liberty and free Internet porn."

Watching this clip and, well, I think I agree, sir. Check it out after the jump. Hot Tub Time Machine attacks theaters on February 26, 2010.