star wars death troopers bookI always sorta thought of Stormtroopers as zombies, but I guess this makes it official. Horror author Joe Schreiber will unleash the walking dead on a galaxy far, far away with the October release of Death Troopers, the first-ever Star Wars horror novel. Death Troopers pits the survivors of a stranded prison barge against a Star Destroyer full of soulless and hungry zombie Stormtroopers. (How are they supposed to eat people's brains with those giant helmets on?)

Random House is asking fans to film their own trailer for the novel for a chance to win a library of Star Wars books including a signed copy of Death Troopers. The fan trailers will be posted on the official Death Troopers YouTube page. You can watch Random House's own B-movie inspired trailer at the official Death Troopers Web site. Sadly, it doesn't feature a zombie getting decapitated with a light saber.
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