... for like three and a half seconds! Cinematical was among the many who managed to inch their way inside the Warner Bros. TV press line as publicists paraded actors, actresses and filmmakers down a line of press while everyone with a mic and camera got to ask like 2.5 questions (if that). Cinematical's Elisabeth Rappe was on hand with our Comic Con cameraman Chris Glenn, and while we'll be posting a whole bunch of mini-interviews with folks like Jackie Earle Haley, Denzel Washington, Robert Rodriguez, Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman, we wanted to pull out the Megan Fox video and feature it by itself since this is, in fact, the first official time we've talked to the gal.

After the jump, watch Megan Fox tell us about kicking ass in Jonah Hex, as well as which super power she'd love to possess.