Our own Todd Gilchrist already gave you some deets on the Warner Bros. panel, where the studio showed off a whopping six upcoming films, including Sherlock Holmes, Jonah Hex, Nightmare on Elm Street, Where the Wild Things Are, The Box and The Book of Eli. Right before the panel, however, Cinematical squeezed itself into the TV press line in an attempt to snag the folks in and behind these movies so that we could ask them a question or two. Cinematical's Elisabeth Rappe joins our trusty Comic Con cameraman Chris Glenn as both attack the line with a vengeance.

After the jump:
-- Josh Brolin talks about a potential Jonah Hex sequel
-- Jackie Earle Haley talks about experiencing another Comic Con
-- Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman argue over their favorite super powers
-- Robert Rodriguez talks about all the different films he's working on
-- Denzel Washington laughs off any idea that he's got a little geek stuck inside him

Note: Cinematical shared the Brolin and Washington interviews with Frosty from Collider.