Yes, it may be a little lame, a little unoriginal, and a little seventh grade of us, but it's an annual tradition here at Cinematical to bring you a little of the sexy flavor going on at San Diego Comic Con (see our 2008 gallery here). Not, it's not just a place for overweight fanboy virgins -- the convention floor is actually full of very pretty (and seductive) fangirls who dress up in the most outrageous costumes in the hopes that a major movie blog like ours will take their picture and post it for all our readers to salivate over. Hey, whatever, it's the circle of life -- they want their picture taken, we want to take it to show you and you want to see it. Everyone wins!

We'll be updating this gallery throughout the weekend (and I hear we may even be adding some dudes this year, too), so check out what we've got so far and keep this page bookmarked for your return visit(s).

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