During the visionaries panel at Comic Con, Peter Jackson and James Cameron spoke about converting some of their older films to 3D -- specifically how Titanic is already going through the process, and how it's going to take about a year to fourteen months before it's completed. Thus, look for a huge re-launch of Titanic on the big screen in 3D at some point in 2011. If I were to wager a guess, I think they'll re-release it around the holidays and try to get as much bang for their buck as they can. Cameron says he's seen a couple of minutes converted and so far it "looks spectacular." Personally, I don't know how cool a film like Titanic would look in 3D. Maybe the last hour would look decent; the shot of the ship right before it breaks in half would look pretty wicked, but other than that ... eh.

Meanwhile, Peter Jackson was asked the same 3D question with regards to his Lord of the Rings franchise. Will that be getting the 3D conversion treatment as well? Unfortunately, it sounds like Warner Bros. isn't ready to commit to the conversion. Though Jackson wants all three films in 3D and has suggested it to the studio, they're hesitant either because there aren't enough 3D screens yet or for some other reason. There's a fun little back-and-forth between the two after that, with Cameron saying that they'll make more screens if they know The Lord of the Rings movies were in 3D.

Check out video from this particular conversation after the jump. What do you think about Titanic in 3D? Would it look cool? Or how about Lord of the Rings? Is the conversion worth it?