It used to be that Canada was known for its comedy -- from television shows like You Can't Do That On Television and SCTV, to comedy classics like Porky's, the maple leaf was where the laughs were at -- Martin Short, Dan Akroyd, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Leslie Nielson, Catherine O'Hara, Mike Myers, John Candy... Now, not as much, although a new program could change that.

The Canadian Press reports that a Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab has been established (that merges Telefilm with Just for Laughs and the Canadian Film Centre) to get give original feature comedies in production over the next few years. As they point out -- there is a gap between the comedy Canada is known for, and the number of comedies that get produced. The idea is to get big names from around the world -- Eugene Levy is already signed on -- and have them work with new talent to create commercially successful films that create work in Canada while, of course, showing the funny.

Will Canadian comedy rise again? One can only hope. Considering the number of Canadians who collaborate with Christopher Guest, the optimist in me would hope that he'd come to "mentor" and, say, make another mockumentary... That would be a good way to kick things off. Looking back over what's already come, which comedies do you remember and love? Porky's? Strange Brew? Meatballs?
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