There are a few advantages to being a Canadian: we've got great beer, not to mention we've got that whole free healthcare thing going on. But if I had to choose one reason why I love my country, it would be that CBC made sure that I got to see Nelvana's Rock & Rule the way it was meant to be.

Rock & Rule
was the story of a fading rock god by the name of Mok (who's a little bit Bowie and a little bit Iggy) with an apocalyptic plan for immortality. His diabolical scheme consists of unleashing a demon by finding the perfect voice, and where might that voice be? Well, that's where a down-on-their-luck band headed by two young lovers by the names of Angel and Omar come in.

The film nearly bankrupted Nelvana and in order to get the film into US theaters, MGM/UA demanded script changes and different voice actors. But that's what you get for messing with perfection, because the film never found an audience stateside after being released under the unfortunate name, Ring of Power. Luckily the movie has found a cult following over the years and you can now find the original version on DVD.

After the jump: my favorite song from Rock & Rule and another Nelvana classic, The Devil and Daniel Mouse...
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