Cinematical has finally made it to the convention floor after spending hours upon hours trapped in Hall H covering panels or on some TV press line interviewing talent. The convention floor is where all the real fun takes place, as it's covered with fanboys (and girls) dressed in the wildest outfits imaginable.

One of the cooler movie props on display this year was the Captain's Chair from this summer's Star Trek. Apparently they were raffling the sucker off to some lucky con-goer, but before that happened Cinematical's Elisabeth Rappe sat down and gave it a little test run. Always nice to see a lady in the Captain's Chair ...

From there, Elisabeth chatted up a couple of very adorable gals dressed in skimpy Conan outfits. Watch as they talk about the convention floor, how dirty their costumes can get and whether or not the male Con population has treated them with respect and courtesy throughout the weekend.

Watch both videos after the jump.