Unlike every other person at ComicCon, I didn't get to see theIron Man 2 footage. I was down on the floor helping to contribute to our ComicCon mega-coverage ... thanks to a press snafu. So I'm in the same boat as you non-attendees out there, and feeling kind of bummed as everyone gushes over how awesome it looked. I did attend the round-table junket, and as soon as I can get my hands on some earphones, I'll post all the interviews for you. For some reason everyone was whispering ... or maybe I've gone deaf from crowd noise. Either one is likely.

But there's hope until that official footage goes online! The fearless gang of Screen Crave has "sweded" the teaser trailer for us, and what a job they did. There may not be a War Machine, or any CG or explosions, but Silas Lesnick is dashing in the role of Tony Stark, and you'll finally know just what that first glimpse of Whiplash looked like ... kind of. You'll know just what butt kicking Scarlett Johannson did before she posed for that Entertainment Weekly photo, and just how much drinking Tony does in this movie. Pop below the jump to watch Iron Man 2, ComicCon style.