Priest finally gets its time table.
Unless you work at The Orphanage - no, not the provider of ghosts or scary children; the effects company - you probably don't know who Scott Stewart is, but someone at Screen Gems is a big fan. Not only is Stewart the man with his hand on the wheel of the apocalypse in Legion, but now it is known he'll be going post-apocalyptic with directing duties on the oft-mentioned, never-committed Priest comic adaptation, also to star Legion'sPaul Betttany.

World War Z hits a setback.
Paramount's adaptation of Max Brooks' hit novel recounting the (almost) end of the world looks to be in the middle of some creative differences. It came out at the Con that Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster was off the project, leaving Paramount on the hunt for new talent to bring home World War Z. Personally I think this is great news. Given Forster's stab at Bond didn't prove the drama director deft with action set pieces, I was dreading how he'd handle a global zombie outbreak. Not that I have any position to do so, but I'd like to offer up Peter Berg, who has already proven great with action and, most recently, showed an affinity for the one-on-one confessional style of WWZ, as seen in his great pilot for Virtuality, a Sci-Fi show that'll never be.

Dead Space to get its limbs sliced off on the big screen.
If you own a current gen console and you're reading this site, chances are very good you love Electronic Art's inventive survival horror game Dead Space. Considering EA gave the game a huge multi-media push when it came out last year (with several comics, action figures and an animated film), it was only a matter of time before the gaming giant announced a live action feature. Now the film adaptation of extreme horrors on a space station may not have a screenwriter or a studio, but it does have Eagle Eye/Disturbia director D.J. Caruso lined up to kick off the inevitable journey to a galaxy, er, movie theater near you.

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