With this week's release of The Ugly Truth, it looks as if the publicity people are trying very, very hard to wrap up and deliver Katherine Heigl as the next America's Sweetheart. Let's face it: Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock are all in their 40s now and are no longer interested in the title. (Bullock's latest romcom The Proposal is a hit, but one gets the feeling that she made it reluctantly, and it's her first foray into the genre in four years, since Miss Congeniality 2.)

Heigl is a fairly good candidate with her combination of all-American blonde goddess looks combined with a goofy, nerdy persona, capable of looking good at a "Star Trek" convention as well as at a beauty pageant. Everyone loved
Knocked Up, but it was more of a nerderific comedy than a showcase for her, and her first showcase role, 27 Dresses, was a lazy thing that annoyed critics and pleased fans. The Ugly Truth is even worse; it's so bad that even fans may stay away.

Which leaves the crown still up for grabs. Who else is there?

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