In the course of his 23-year film career, Kevin Spacey has blown audiences' minds ('The Usual Suspects'), embodied upper-middle-class malaise ('American Beauty') and given Brad Pitt a most unwelcome present ('Seven'). Oh yeah, and he's also won two Oscars (and never lost, for those keeping score at home). And through it all, he's managed to stay a grounded, straight-shooting guy who is so un-Hollywood that he lives in London.

Spacey makes a return trip to the City of Angels for his new flick 'Shrink,' however, to play Henry Carter, a pot-smoking celebrity psychiatrist who could probably use a few hundred hours of couch time himself. In an exclusive interview, Spacey dishes on playing pranks with George Clooney, reminisces about his big-screen debut and sounds off on all those pesky Internet death rumors.
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