As a friend pointed out yesterday after watching the panel, it seems impossible given the fact that Screen Gems is often a studio imprint that means anything but the mark of quality (Boogeyman, anyone?), but the studio's upcoming film Legion looks pretty kick-ass. Screening an extended trailer and fielding questions from attendees Friday afternoon, cast members Paul Bettany, Adrianne Palicki, Tyrese Gibson, Doug Jones, and director Scott Stewart introduced what could be a surprisingly entertaining film that combines epic scope, an ensemble cast, and of course, lots and lots of guns.

The highlights of the panel:

• Tyrese Gibson is a shameless promoter – sometimes not even a self-promoter. Though he took an opportunity to shill his new comic book and longstanding Twitter page at the end of the q&a, he devoted a surprising amount of time – perhaps even unhealthy – to discussing Bettany's chiseled physique as Michael, the archangel who aligns with humanity to defend it against a horde of violent angels.
• Oh yeah, the movie is about Michael the archangel aligning himself with humanity to defend it against a horde of violent angels.
• Doug Jones reportedly took the role because it was the first one he'd been offered that didn't demand he cover up his face. After playing Silver Surfer and Abe Sapien, the lanky charmer said he embraced the chance to play one of the film's most fearsome creatures, The Ice Cream Man. (I know that sounded anticlimactic but the short clip in which he appeared was truly creepy.)
• The best scene from the footage shown featured a geriatric female diner patron (imagine your sweet grandmother) with a filthy mouth, by which her use of profanity is only a prelude to her devouring other customers with razor-sharp teeth and literally climbing the walls.