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"Smallville" producer Brian Patterson revealed at Comic-Con this weekend that despite the "no tights, no flights" rule that has previously defined the show, Clark Kent will be donning a costume for the very first time in the upcoming ninth season of the show, as he begins "the last stage" in the process of becoming Superman.

But rather than suiting him up the traditional red and blue outfit usually synonymous with the Man of Steel, Patterson says they'll be going for something a little darker, in fitting with the theme of the season, which is "Clark's darkest hour."

"It's kind of based on a couple of pieces of mythology of when he died, and his Doomsday fight in the comics, and the costume he wore after that," said Patterson, referring to the black and silver costume Superman wore after returning from the grave in 1993.

No word on whether Clark will also be sporting a killer mullet, as he did in the comics during his original resurrection.
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