I have a man-crush on Thomas Jane. He's always been charming on screen (even when doing "Arrested Development" cameos as himself), but The Mist wrapped a tentacle around my heart that I'm still recovering from. Around the time he starred in Frank Darabont's love letter to all things that go bump in a fog bank, Jane announced that he was going to take the director's chair on a project called The Dark Country for Stage 6 films, producer/distributor of genre titles like Zombie Strippers and Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, and that his first go calling the shots was going to be in 3-D to boot.

That was two years ago, well before the 'Let's do everything in 3-D!' bandwagon of production announcements. Fast forward to now and the only major news to come out about Dark Country, which stars Ron Perlman and Lauren German in addition to Jane, is today's DVD details and trailer found at Dread Central and embedded below. Considering the quality of the goods on display and that Dread's news on the DVD makes no mention of the third dimension side of things, it may be a safe assumption that the majority of us will never have the chance to see Thomas Jane's directorial debut the way he intended it to be seen.

That's a shame, really. I'm not saying Dark Country looks like a masterpiece, but the man did save the world from genetically engineered sharks, after all. Doesn't mankind owe him so little a debt as a limited theatrical run in 3-D?
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