If the trailer and the insane reactions coming out of Comic-Con haven't got you excited for Where the Wild Things Are, perhaps this video of author Maurice Sendak, director Spike Jonze, and screenplay writer Dave Eggers will melt your icicle-covered heart.

In this featurette, Sendak discusses the initial response to the book and what he thinks about Spike Jonze's vision. Dave Eggers also pipes up a little about Sendak's involvement in the adaptation. Jonze talks about "his" version of the story and how important it was that Sendak approved.

"I've never seen a movie that looked or felt like this," Sendak says, "and it's his personal 'this.' And he's not afraid of himself. He's a real artist that lets it come through the work. So he's touched me very much. He has touched me very much."

There are also plenty of movie snippets and great behind-the-scenes stuff that you must see. Link courtesy of the fantastic and fantastical writer Jonathan Carroll.