Jenny Schecter might be dead, and the show might be over, but The L Wordmight find new life. After Ellen reports that Ilene Chaiken was at BlogHer over the weekend. When she was asked "Who killed Jenny," Chaiken responded with the revelation that she's currently penning a feature script that will address that very question.

As fans of the show know -- the final season played out differently than the five seasons before it. Mia Kirshner's Schecter was killed from the get-go, and the rest of the half-season went back in time to display the events leading up to the crime -- events that offered a million suspects, but not a shred of actual proof or closure. Chaiken had hoped that would be a springboard for The Farm -- a lesbian prison show that had Leisha Hailey's Alice in jail for the murder, still with no word on whether she was actually guilty. Showtime rightly said no thanks.

I hate to say it, but let's hope this one slips into development hell. The L Word started as a pretty progessive, daring, and interesting show about lesbian sex, relationships, and life that slowly snowballed into ludicrousness that Passions would be proud of. But that's nothing compared to the post-show curveball of interrogation tapes. If Chaiken thinks that continuing the story after the series' end with web interrogations is a good idea, and that in one of these tapes a character should reveal an entirely irrelevant and never-before-mentioned incestual relationship, she shouldn't be allowed near the big screen.

I can only imagine what a feature film would bring -- Shane becomes a bible-thumper, Bette has a sex change, Helena gives up her worldly possessions for a job at DQ, Dana becomes Casper the friendly ghost...
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