If you are somebody who is a little 'cinematically inclined', then I'm sure one of the questions you ask any new friend or foe is "So, what are some of your favorite movies?" Now I'm going to be honest here and tell you that if I'm trying to impress someone new, I might leave out a few of the less than 'high-minded' selections in favor of earning a little cool quotient by name dropping something underground or foreign. But, we've all got our dirty little secrets, and over at The Guardian Film Blog, Ryan Gilbey has taken the first step by admitting his top five embarrassing film obsessions.

Coming in at number one for Gilbey was John Landis' The Blues Brothers. As it turns out, Gilbey's love for the blues comedy faded as soon as he passed puberty and now his beloved film is "flat and joyless". But some of his other choices might surprise you, like Conan The Barbarian (which earned him plenty of commenter heat), and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (you can read the full list over at The Guardian). A little while back, Elisabeth bravely admitted that she was the owner of a DVD copy of Baz Luhrmann's romantic epic Australia (and what a relief it was to discover I wasn't the only one who fell prey to the infamous 'bucket scene') But, as shameful as that purchase might be, I think I might have it beat. Because, for my top five embarrassing favorites, unlike Gilbey, I'm not blaming them on my youth or nostalgia. Nope, my love of these five movies is just downright mortifying, so let's begin, shall we?

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