Twenty years before they'd collaborate on 'Funny People,' director Judd Apatow and star Adam Sandler were just a couple of punks making prank calls while sharing lowly Los Angeles digs. A couple of very funny punks.

Actual footage of those prank calls is on full display in the opening minutes of 'Funny People,' as Sandler imitates a collage of characters, most notably an elderly woman who can't handle her roast beef, and Apatow roots him on or yells in the background. (You can watch a clip of the action here.) That's not all that's borrowed from real life; the scene where Sandler demands Seth Rogen show him his manhood? Actually happened.)

Apatow and Sandler aren't the only onetime roommates to both hit it big in Hollywood. We found 13 other pre-fame pairings that might surprise you.
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