Anyone can buy an official movie poster or a t-shirt, but what happens when an artist re-interprets the official movie artwork and filters it through his or her own unique imagination? You get a whole collection of amazingly cool, crazy, sometimes downright twisted stuff, as showcased on the young blog The blog started this past April and nothing new has been posted since May, but there are currently 7 pages of amazing artwork that I have gone back to look at several times now. (Many items are for sale if you follow the links.)

Some of my favorites include a series of re-designed, re-interpreted movie posters, done using only red, black and white (by Olly Mos). There's a striking print of the three main characters in No Country for Old Men by Blake Loosli, and a original, unused, potentially eye-straining movie poster for Moon. There's an ad for a complete Travis Bickle wardrobe, some gorgeous Star Wars hoodies, and some official Gremlins Reeboks. Dave Macdowell has done a mind-blowing Wizard of Oz/Pulp Fiction mashup fan poster. You can even see the unblemished artwork for the Criterion Collection's Monsters and Madmen DVD box set. Above is a tribute to Léon (The Professional) by Ruben Martinez that I would be proud to hang on my walls.

Admittedly, most of this stuff is done by professional artists, and some of it is official movie artwork, but there's some amateur stuff here too. Overall, it's a museum-quality exhibition of amazing cinema-stuff, and up-and-coming artists can submit their own work. Check out some of the images below.

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