Slowly but surely, Don Draper is making his way to the big screen, in what I'm sure will be a long and prosperous career. After making waves with Mad Men, Jon Hamm scored the Jake Ehrlich role in Howl, and then found himself the prime pick on Peter Martin's "TV Stars Who Should Be in More Movies (Male Edition)." Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Hamm and Rebecca Hall will star alongside Ben Affleck in The Town. As I briefly mentioned last year, The Town is a full-on Affleck production -- he helped write it, will direct, and will star. An adaptation of Chuck Hogan's Prince of Thieves (not the Robin Hood sort of thievery), the film focuses on the blossoming romance between a bank manager (Hall) and a career criminal (Affleck) who robbed her, as an FBI agent (Hamm) tries to bring the thief and his gang to justice.

Will this be anything like Two of a Kind? You know -- John Travolta holds up a bank and the poor Olivia Newton John, and then the pair become pawns in a game between God, his angels, and the Devil? Not likely -- this is a crime thriller, and according to Publishers Weekly, most of the characters "are not very sympathetic." So, the most we can hope for is more solid fare that reminds us of Affleck's talents as he continues to re-build the career dashed by Beniffer #1.
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