The box office flop Miss March has plenty of material that could be considered offensive, which as I recall was one of the film's main selling points. The film's graphic depictions of poop, the accidental drinking of dog urine, jokes about epilepsy, plenty of nudity, and all the nonstop filthy dialogue you'd normally associate with R-rated sex comedies. But audiences who rent or buy the DVD when it comes out this Tuesday will find one less offensive thing than they found in theaters: the film no longer uses the word "retarded."

And thank goodness! Drinking pee is OK, but calling someone "retarded" is over the line.

I noticed this while reviewing the DVD for another outlet. There's a scene in which two abstinence promoters are trying to frighten kids into never having sex, and they share a story about a teenager who smoked while she was pregnant, causing the baby to come out a "crack head." Except the actress' lips clearly weren't saying "crack head." Her lips looked like they were saying "retard." The baby is mentioned twice more, each time with "retard" replaced with "crack head." Later in the film, someone's behavior is described as "stupid," and again it's clear that he originally said "retarded." Both the theatrical and uncut versions of the film are on the DVD, and they both have been de-retarded. (Which means the theatrical version isn't really the one that played theatrically, and the uncut version has been cut. Nice job.)