I'm breaking the Comic Con reporting mold with this one, ladies and gentlemen. Every other site (and yes, ours too) likes to concentrate on the sexy costumers and booth babes that decorate the halls of the convention center. But you know what? There's actually a lot of eye candy for the ladies. Some of them are professional (Lionsgate always seems to bring the booth beefcakes) but a lot of them are just hardcore costumers who are happy to flex their muscles for a photo.

This year was no exception. There were quite a few Indiana Joneses and Captain Mals, a solid Superman, more Wolverines than you could shake a stick at (my favorite!) and even an Edward Cullen. And that's just the floor! The celebrities on display weren't exactly shabby either. I mean, any week where you can see Nathan Fillion, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Josh Brolin, Michael Fassbender, Johnny Depp, and Denzel Washington in one place is a pretty sweet thing. Let the guys have their booth babes and Megan Fox -- we've got Captain Mal and Jonah Hex!

Enjoy the gallery below, ladies ... and yes, one of the boys below is actually made of wax but I'm not going to discriminate. Besides, he was just as popular for photos as any Jack Sparrow lookalike!