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Creator Erik Kripke, and producers Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble talked a lot about Supernatural at Comic-Con on Sunday. The show is entering the fifth chapter in Kripke's five year vision. But check out this quote from the show's creator: "We're not going to stretch this one out past its expiration, we're not going to drag this one into a place it isn't. We're going to tell this one the way it's supposed to be told, and it's going to end, but another story can begin."

Imagine that. No pressure from the network to stretch it out and stall and add Nikki and Paulo to distract the audience for awhile. Letting a creator's vision play out as intended? How very ... modern of them. Less exciting is that Kripke was, well, cryptic as to whether or not he'd stay on for a sixth season should the show return; and it will.

But that's way off in the far, far future. Like next year. We've got this year to get through first, and as you can imagine it should be pretty intense stuff. After all, this is the end of Kripke's initial story arc for the Winchesters. At this point, we find Sam betrayed and addicted to some pretty dark crap, so he's going to have to work through those issues. Dean, meanwhile, has this horrible destiny that he's struggling with.

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