Wow! The pre-show voting turned out to be a powerfully popular little piece here at Cinematical, and now we're ready to kick the tournament off in grand fashion! But first a few words about how we seeded the brackets: Well, we had a nerdly superhero movie "draft," essentially. In order to field four "regional" brackets, I sat down with three Austin movie geeks. We each drafted a 16-movie roster, and that's how we decided the field. The seedings were based directly on where the movie was drafted. (Example: My pal Luke picked Batman Begins with his first-round pick, and therefore that film is a #1 seed.)

We're going to start with eight matchups: Four "#1 vs. #16" pairings and four "#8 vs. #9" choices. We'll share the full bracket later, but for now I think the element of surprise is more fun.

Bracket A

#1 Superman (1978) vs. #16 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)