(Have you cast a vote in the first round of our Best Superhero Movie of All Time Tournament yet? If you're a fan of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and also a fan of superhero movies, then you'll love this little tournament, which features 64 films battling it out for the title of best superhero movie of all time. Here's Scott Weinberg kicking the tournament off on Cinematical.)

Wow! The pre-show voting turned out to be a powerfully popular little piece here at Cinematical, and now we're ready to kick the tournament off in grand fashion! But first a few words about how we seeded the brackets: Well, we had a nerdly superhero movie "draft," essentially. In order to field four "regional" brackets, I sat down with three Austin movie geeks. We each drafted a 16-movie roster, and that's how we decided the field. The seedings were based directly on where the movie was drafted. (Example: My pal Luke picked Batman Begins with his first-round pick, and therefore that film is a #1 seed.)

We're going to start with eight matchups: Four "#1 vs. #16" pairings and four "#8 vs. #9" choices. We'll share the full bracket later, but for now I think the element of surprise is more fun.

Now go vote on the first eight match-ups over at Cinematical!
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