It's been a winding road for Eric Red's 100 Feet to find a home on DVD here in the States. I'm not entirely sure why, either. It's a well made, well executed B movie that often times hits the spot in ways bigger budgeted haunted houses like The Haunting in Connecticut never do. Plus the star of this story about a woman on house arrested who can't escape the ghost of her abusive husband is the very beautiful Famke Janssen. One would think the combination of X-Men's Jean Grey, Eric Red (who was big in the '80s with scripts for The Hitcher and Near Dark) in the director's chair, and a few notably brutal poltergeist sequences would be a simple sell to a distributor. Not so, apparently.

When I was in Korea last January I was able to find copies of the Region 3 DVD all over the place, but in America 100 Feet was relegated to a Saturday night premiere on the Sci-Fi channel followed shortly by an exclusive rental agreement with, I believe, Hollywood Video. Which is frustrating considering I could walk into a Best Buy right now, tip over a shelf in the horror isle and likely not find a better recent haunted house movie than 100 Feet. Thankfully is reporting that will change this October 20th thanks to The Asylum.
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