Resident Evil franchiser Paul W.S. Anderson is probably only a few degrees more popular than Uwe Boll, but at least he tries and generally creates something suitable for a late-night viewing. So, keep that expectation in mind with his newest project, a fantasy epic called The Warded Man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anderson and his ever-present producing partner Jeremy Bolt have picked up the rights to Peter V. Brett's debut novel, The Warded Man. The first in a trilogy, it's set in a unspecified future where we're plagued by demons, and mankind has reverted to a feudal state. Three young heroes rise up with the potential to win back the earth, but the one who has the best chance is our tattooed title character, whose tattoos aren't just for fashion, but spellcasting function. The series has good reviews on Amazon, so it might be worth checking out for some late summer reading. I'm intrigued simply because of how Brett penned it, as the entire book was written on his Blackberry during his two hour commute to Manhattan. Here I thought I was cool for being able to write articles with my thumbs ... sheesh.

Anderson and Bolt put down their own money to buy the rights, and their British citizenship paid off as the book was released six months earlier across the pond, enabling them to grab the rights before a big American studio could. Anderson thinks Warded has the potential to be the next Lord of the Rings and while many have made that claim and failed, who knows? The moment I scoff, it'll end up being true.
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