With a resume that includes sharing a tent with an oft-naked Brad Pitt ('Troy'), saving the world with Nicolas Cage ('Knowing') and stalking Josh Hartnett ('Wicker Park'), not to mention a recent Emmy nomination for her role on FX's 'Damages,'Rose Byrne should be a household name. Yet somehow, the 30-year-old Australian beauty has managed to stay under the radar while working in both well-regarded indies and money-making blockbusters.

Now you can find her giving a stellar turn in the buzzed-about indie dramedy 'Adam' (opening limited July 29), in which she plays a New York schoolteacher who falls for a man (Hugh Dancy) with Asperger's, a neurological disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction.

In an exclusive interview, Byrne reveals the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for her, dishes on playing a pop star opposite Russell Brand in 'Get Him to the Greek,' and opens up about her most embarrassing on-set moment (which involves both partial nudity and presents).
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