Sorry Twihards -- Rachelle Lefevre is moving on before her character can wreak havoc on Forks. An announcement has just been sent out that the actress won't be coming back for Eclipse, and instead, Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the bloody mayhem when production begins on August 17. As The Hollywood Reporter explains, Lefevre found a gig in the indie drama Barney's Version -- the Mordechai Richler adaptation I posted about in April -- and it starts production on the same day. It may be in Canada as well, but there's a whole lot of land between Eclipse's Vancouver and Version's Quebec.

And talk about a crappy time for scheduling conflicts. She was the moody vamp girlfriend in Twilight, gets to haunt around here and there in New Moon, and then really kicks into gear with Eclipse, cooking up one heck of a revenge scenario to kill Bella and avenge the death of her love, James. Basically, Lefevre has bowed out just as things get really interesting for her character.

And what about Howard? Is she a good replacement? She's got a whole different look than Lefevre, so we can surely expect to see a whole different kind of VIctoria. Let's just hope that Eclipse does better than Howard's other recent blockbusters -- Spider-Man 3 and Terminator Salvation. Or, well, a lot of her other work, for that matter.
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