(From SciFi Squad)

Our good friends over at Dutch Southern are always sending us their latest movie-related t-shirt designs, and so we're back pimping out another piece of their fantastic geeky film gear -- this time it's a t-shirt honoring some of John Carpenter's best. Here's the description:

"It's a stock car race featuring some of the best from John Carpenter's cannon. 1st place: Dr. Loomis driving Burton's rig, MacReady riding shotgun, Nada and Burton standing guard, and Lo Pan just seconds away from eating the Pork Chop Express. 2nd place: the Duke in his Lincoln, Starman serving as co-pilot, and Snake surfing.3rd place: Christine, manned by an Alien and a Thing with Michael Myers making an escape from Smith's Grove. And if you look close enough in their dust you'll see The Fog people, the Statue of Liberty, the Three Storms, and a jack-o-lantern."

The t-shirt was designed by Ray Frenden, and it'll set you back $20. Trust me, though, it's worth it -- I already own a few of their shirts and not only do they rock the random film coolness, but they're also extremely comfortable. Check out a larger version of the image above over on SciFi Squad, and head on over here to pick one up for yourself.
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