First we had Lawrence of Arabia, as Peter O'Toole set out to bring Brit T.E. Lawrence's WWI experiences in Arabia to the big screen. Now we're getting his epic, pun-tacular counterpart. Variety reports that Charlize Theron's production company, Denver and Delilah Films, has picked up the rights to Christopher Buckley's Florence of Arabia, which she will produce and star in.

The Variety description makes it sound all sorts of serious -- a State Dept. worker (Theron) fights for women's rights in a Middle Eastern country after her friend marries a prince and gets beheaded. While that sounds a little Mighty Heart-ish, the book is actually a satire more reminiscent of War Inc. The country in question is the fictional Wasabia, and Florence's mission for women's rights -- creating a women's television network, a move that has surprising results. Like, perchance, a riot of Arab Valerie Bertinelli impersonators sick of sappy made-for-TV movies?

One would assume this project is one of the reasons Theron is moving away from the hell that is Atlas Shrugged. There's no reason to jump on a sinking ship when you can ride the waves of satire. The book will be adapted by Dean Craig, scribe of the upcoming Death at a Funeral, but a director hasn't been set yet.

What say you? Is it time for Larry to move aside for Flo?
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