As I say over and over again, anything comic book oriented is big business right now, but it seems as though horror comics are edging out the superheroes, spies, and sci-fi offerings. At ComicCon this year, IDW and Radical Comics had two of the biggest booths on the floor, and most of their big announcements were splatter oriented. I'm not sure if Night Mary was one of them, but you can certainly chalk it up as yet another option win for IDW.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Animal Logic has picked up the rights to Night Mary, a horror series by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer. The story centers on Mary Specter, a lucid dreamer recruited by her psychologist father to enter the dreams of disturbed individuals. Ostensibly, she's trying to help them, but privately doubts that she's doing much good. Her doubts and stress take a back seat once she enters the dreams of a serial killer, which brings dreams and reality together in horrible and dangerous ways.

The concept isn't particularly original, but its received rave reviews due to its writing, and especially due to its star, the young and troubled Mary. Between its heroine and the spectacular art (and if the cover to the right doesn't give you the shivers, nothing will), I think Animal Logic could have a pretty good time adapting this one. They've been the digital company behind all of the most visually arresting movies of the past ten years (300, Moulin Rouge, and The Matrix are just three of them), and could really turn this into something to give us all nightmares. I mean, can you picture that cover in motion? Yikes ...
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