There is no one quite like Meryl Streep. When it comes to actresses, she's the powerhouse. She's earned 15 Academy Award nominations, 2 wins, and the respect and admiration of pretty much everyone. But get this...
By 1985, Streep had already been nominated for five Oscars, and won for Kramer vs. Kramer and Sophie's Choice, but that wasn't enough for director Sydney Pollack. As WENN reports, he didn't think Meryl was sexy enough to star in Out of Africa. So, as IMDb's trivia notes -- she showed up in a low-cut blouse and push-up bra. But that's not all:

"I did this thing once when I was auditioning for Out of Africa because I had done some movies but I wasn't famous enough to get this big part. The director at of the film, Sydney Pollack, let it be known to my agent at the time he didn't think I was sexy enough to play Isak Dinesen, the Danish writer who was like 50 when she published her first book. So I went and got a sweet little dress at my local (discount retailer) K-Mart. It went off the shoulders, and I took a lot of paper towels and I stuffed my bra, so it would mound up. Yeah (it worked) I got the part."

Yes, because I see Isak Dinesen and think: "Sexpot!" Smooth move, Pollack! Just goes to show you that even talent can't beat the power of large breasts -- even if they are a little crinkly.
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